Oiling Your Way to Glowing Skin: A Guide to Facial Oils

Oiling Your Way to Glowing Skin: A Guide to Facial Oils

Facial oils have been relegated to the "too greasy" or "only for dry skin" categories, but these potent elixirs offer a treasure trove of benefits for all skin types. So, let's break down the myths and explore why you should incorporate these liquid golds into your regimen.

Myth #1: Facial oils are only for dry skin.

Busted! While facial oils excel at moisturizing dry skin, their magic can benefit oil and acne-prone skin to help balance sebum and minimize breakouts. Sensitized skin can find comfort in calming oils like rosehip or chamomile, which can reduce redness and irritation. Our bestselling oil for all skin types is Green Envee's Vahati Herb Infused Healing Oil.

Myth #2: Oils make skin more oily.

Not necessarily! The "like dissolves like" principle applies here. Lightweight oils help draw out excess oil without stripping the skin and stimulating overproduction. It can also help to soften waxy deposits in the pores common with teenage acne. Our favorite oil for acne is OM Organics Skincare Clarity Purifying Concentrate.

So, what are the real benefits of using facial oils?

    • Deep moisturization: Facial oils deliver essential fatty acids and nutrients that help to protect and soften the skin's surface.

    • Boosted radiance: Facial oils give your skin a natural, dewy glow, making it appear healthy and luminous.

    • Reduced inflammation: Oils like chamomile and calendula have calming properties that soothe irritation and redness.

How to incorporate facial oils into your routine:

    • Cleanse and tone: Start with clean, freshly toned skin for optimal absorption.
    • Apply a few drops: 2-3 drops are usually enough for the entire face and neck. Massage gently into the skin.
    • Layer or solo: You can use facial oils on their own or layered under or over your moisturizer. 

Ready to explore the world of facial oils? Here are some of my favorites for different skin types:

    • Dry skin: Argan oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil
    • Oily skin: Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, squalane
    • Acne-prone skin: Tea tree oil (diluted!), neem oil, hemp seed oil
    • Sensitive skin: Rosehip oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil

Remember, finding the right facial oil is key. Find some of my favorite recommendations based on your unique skin concerns and goals here.