I am pregnant, what's the best facial for me?

The Plant-Based Bespoke Facial with the Dermaplaning Enrichment is the most popular service. Environ Facials utilize electrical currents, therefore, it is contraindicated during pregnancy.

How long do I have to wait to get a facial after injectables?

2 weeks after Botulinum Toxin

4 weeks after dermal fillers

What are the contraindications for the Environ treatments?



Metal plates or pin the face

Doctor's permission needed for

Recent surgeries

Cancer Patients

Excessive metal fillings


Can I workout after my facial?

I strongly discourage working out after a facial due to the Environ's TriaWave skin technology making the skin more permeable. Plus, you don't want to sweat off all of that goodness that's on your skin.

Can I bring my friend or child to my appointment?

Kate O'Grady Skincare is a single room esthetics studio therefore for liability purposes children and friends are not allowed within the treatment room while a session is progress. Please reschedule if there is a change in childcare coverage.

Can I transfer a treatment package to someone else?

Yes! Packages can only be transferred once.

Do treatment packages expire?

Simple answer. Nope! However, if the service on the package is discontinued, you may transfer remaining funds to a new package.

How often can I get henna?

No less than every 4 weeks. If less, there is a possibility for an allergic occurrence or other reaction.

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