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Konjac Body Sponge

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Konjac Body Sponge, enhanced with natural ingredients from the heart of Japan, offers a gentle and effective solution for exfoliating and cleansing, promoting a radiant complexion.

Gentle Exfoliation: The Konjac Body Sponge, crafted with care, provides a delicate exfoliation process, ensuring a rejuvenated and irritation-free experience.
Effective Cleansing: Infused with Japanese ingredient, it deeply cleanses, leaving your skin refreshed and ready to glow.
Radiant Complexion: Experience the primary benefit as the sponge works harmoniously with your skin, unveiling a naturally radiant and healthier complexion.

How To Use

Soak in water and scrub your body gently with the Konjac Body Sponge in circular motions. Use it alone or with your favorite body wash. Preserve its condition by storing it in a dry, cool place.


Konjac Root: Crafted with care, our sponge features the Konjac Root known as "konnyaku" in Japan, the konjac root becomes the cornerstone of our sponge, ensuring a natural and gentle skincare experience.

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Konjac Body Sponge