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Kera - Cryo Facial Globes & Gua Sha

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3-in-1, Cryo Facial Globes & Gua Sha toolset. Enjoy the refreshing benefits of cryotherapy on one side, with the proven benefits of gua sha on the other—while treating both sides of your face at once! Store in your beauty fridge for maximum soothing relief in a snap!

A set of two, double-sided cryo facial globes and gua sha.
Tip applicator on either end applies eye cream & serums.
Reduce puffiness around the eyes, face & body.
Lift, tone & tighten to firm the jawline, brow & cheekbone.
Alleviate redness, tension & soreness.
Promote fast relief from sinus headaches or migraines.
Revitalize tired skin, enhance circulation & reduce pore size.
Spoon shape facial globes glide along contours of the face & body.
Ergonomic stainless steel maintains cooling relief.

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